storage - the action or method of storing something for future use.
storage unit - (storage units) e.g., furniture, shelving, closet space, compartment or enclosure for the expressed purpose of storing specific items.
storage facility - group of storage buildings built and managed for the expressed purpose of renting or leasing storage space to individuals, businesses or home owners.
rental agreement - a written agreement or contract between the storage facility and the tenant indicating the terms by which both parties agree the unit will be paid for and used.
tenant - individual, business or family who contractually agrees to use the storage space for storing any legal items or property.
legal items - any item or property that are legal by definition of local, state and federal laws.


Q: Do you require certain lease lengths?
A: NO! Our leases are month-to-month.

Q: How much notice do I need to give when moving out?
A: We do not require any prior notice to moving out, simply empty your unit and turn your lock and key to the office.

Q: Do I need to wait until the last day of the month to move out?
A: NO! We will pro-rate your move out rent. We pro-rate the move in rate as well. This means that your only pay for the days you use the unit!

Q: What condition does my unit need to be in to get my full deposit back?
A: To get your full deposit back, the unit must be swept out, undamaged, and the key and lock must be turned into the office.

Q: When do I get my deposit and pro-rated rent back?
A: Provided the unit is in good condition, a check will be mailed out within 7–10 business days.

Q: When is my rent due?
A: Every tenant’s rent is due on the 1st of every month. A $5 late fee is accrued on the morning of the 4th day of the month.

Q: Do you send out monthly invoices?
A: No, in general we will not send out a monthly invoice.

Q: I’ve lost my key, what can I do to get a new one?
A: There is a $15 key replacement fee due before picking a new key up.

Q: I want to park a vehicle inside a unit or in an outdoor space, what do I need to bring?
A: We require a title or registration upon signing the lease. Tenants may NOT park someone else’s vehicle in
their spot.

Q: What condition does my vehicle need to be in to have it stored at my unit?
A: The vehicle must be drivable and have all of its pieces and parts. We will not accept any vehicles that cannot be driven onto the lot by themselves.

Q: Do you provide Renter’s Insurance?
A: We do NOT provide Renter’s Insurance. You will need to go through your own insurance company.

Q: Is there electricity in the units?
A: There is a light bulb in each unit. However there are no electrical outlets for appliances to be plugged into.

Q: Can I do Auto Body work in my storage garage?
A: No. Our leases state no work is to be done out of storage units.

Q: What do I need to bring when signing up for a new unit?
A: Your driver’s license, social security number, and the deposit plus the first month’s pro-rated rent.t

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes. We take VISA and Mastercard. We also have automatic recurring charges that bill your card on the first of every month available for all tenants.

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